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What do you look for when you are searching for the perfect online casino? Good bonuses? Yes. Safe and fair practices? For sure. And one of the top three features gamblers will always look for is a large variety of fun and exciting games to play. After all, if an online casino has choppy games, a poor selection, or boring graphics, how long will they be able to hold your attention?

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Casino Software Overview

Game development is a tremendous field, and the software companies fuelling your fun take this job seriously, crafting thousands of games filled with beautiful graphics, unique twists, and exciting incentives that keep the games interesting, fun, and appealing.

Mobile gambling introduces a new challenge to the world of software development. People want faster; players want richer graphics; gamblers seek more excitement, and everyone wants a better-quality experience all around. Fortunately, with the right software providers behind them, mobile casino software is up to the task.

Mobile Gambling Software Giants

While there are numerous competitors in the industry, there are some brands that stand out above the rest. Here are possibly the top four mobile gambling software providers and what makes them really shine:

  • Microgaming: Lauded as the unparalleled Online Slots King, Microgaming, around since 1994, boasts an impressive 1,200+ variants of games including live dealer, sportsbooking, blackjack, poker, and of course slots. They have even introduced their own operating system called Quickfire.
  • Playtech: While next on the list, Playtech doesn’t play second fiddle to anyone. Since 1999, they’ve excelled in areas such as superior quality, mobile, live dealer casino games and a vast array of mobile-accepted payment options. With a trusted name in the industry and a smooth mobile experience, Playtech has earned its place.
  • Net Entertainment: Swedes are proud of this homegrown software provider that rose to the top quickly in 1996 by making itself stand out as an innovator in the field, introducing exciting new features and concepts into the world of online and mobile gambling. The popular Avalanche and Skill Stop features are a few of their jewels.
  • 888 Software: The 888 brand is a huge name in the industry since 1997, controlling nearly every aspect of the gambling spectrum. What makes this brand stand out is that they develop their own games, available exclusively via their platform, and not anywhere else.

Mobile Casino Software: A Different Business Model That Works

Mobile casino software doesn’t work like brands in other industries. In a typical market, brands are competing against each other for clients, and once a client has been acquired, they are generally exclusive to that provider for their needs and services. It’s rare that you’ll find a business that employs both AT&T and Verizon. It’s superfluous and unnecessary.

Not so in the realm of mobile casino software. As you may have noticed while searching for your ideal mobile casino, in addition to multiple casino brands using the same software providers, many online casinos will feature several different ones simultaneously. You can easily find mobile casinos hosting Microgaming, Playtech, and several other smaller providers all on one platform. Why is this, does it benefit the user base, and will this trend continue? Let’s answer these questions one at a time.

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Why mobile casinos support multiple software providers simultaneously

The why is an easy question to answer. As noted above, each software provider offers different strengths and advantages to the industry. Since they’re not exclusive to one brand, mobile and online casinos only benefit from having multiple providers within their apps. Combining the strengths of all that is available to them, casinos can offer their customers the best quality, graphics, variety, slots, poker, sportsbetting, blackjack, live dealer, and more. They’re taking the best that’s out there to give players the best.

Does this combination benefit the user base?

As we mentioned, casinos use multiple mobile gambling software providers to take the best that everyone is offering. So naturally, the players are going to reap the benefits from this agreement. Graphics are better, the user experience is smoother and easier, and the variety is par excellence. Everyone stands to benefit from this ironically non-competitive business model.

Will this trend continue?

With the success it’s seen already, there’s no reason to believe that software providers won’t continue working together to create the best experience for gamblers everywhere. Currently, the providers sell licenses to their software, while the mobile casinos themselves concentrate on marketing, support, and customer interaction. The bulk of the work falls to the mobile casinos, and since they’re the ones gaining from having happy, satisfied customers, there’s every likelihood that the arrangement will continue.

The Other Side of the Coin

When looking for a quality mobile casino, be sure to pay attention to software providers the platform supports. While some will host various providers as we mentioned earlier, other casinos will be exclusive. This is usually because they want to highlight a specific type of gaming or hone in on a particular strength that a mobile gambling software client excels in. In general, this will only be one of the major players like Microgaming, NetEnt, or Playtech. The one benefit that can really be derived from this is having access to exclusive games from private developers. There are some great titles that are only available via the smaller software providers, so some casinos opt for exclusivity over variety.

What’s Next? The Future of Mobile Gambling Software

The future of mobile gambling software is an exciting mystery. No doubt, games will be more exciting, faster, and involve better and more realistic graphics than they do today. There will also undoubtedly be more flexibility and ease of use for the growing mobile market. Virtual reality development is really making the world of interactive gaming come alive.

While we can’t possibly know the extent to which the vast technological developments will take the features, designs, and musical accompaniments of these software providers, one thing is for certain. The future of mobile casino software is guaranteed to be epic!

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