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Online and mobile roulette games are now very realistic – the graphics are sharp, often in HD, and the sound is crisp. Particularly in roulette apps that have taken advantage of touch screens.

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Top Roulette apps

Whether it’s through an app download, or a web-based casino, we’ve gathered this ultimate list of best roulette games for mobile devices. Some of them are even with live dealers. All the games here are real money roulette games – you will have to deposit money to win real money.

These Roulette games were evaluated according to the graphics and the sound, how smoothly the game runs, whether it has any unique features with the touchscreen, and of course how well they payout. These roulette games are all from trusted, licensed, online casinos that have rolled out well-tested mobile casinos.

American, French, European, or High Stake?

Finding an American roulette game is just as easy as finding a French or European roulette game. All three versions are very popular and are easily found at good online casinos. You’ll also find that some mobile casinos will offer low stakes and high stakes roulette. So whether you’re looking for some casual fun, or a high roller who knows exactly what you want, you are bound to find something to your taste.

Is it web-based Roulette or is it a Roulette app?

It’s important to clarify a technical point. Are you looking for a Roulette app, or a Roulette game based on the web?

An app, whether it’s a casino game or a messenger, is an “apk” software file you download from the web and install on your phone; it runs as a program on your phone. Apps do not need an internet connection to run, however there are certain functions that require you to be connected. Real money roulette apps – in fact real money casino apps in general – will require a connection so that when you win, the app communicates all the info directly to the casino.

Web-based means that it is based out of a web browser and there’s nothing to download. This can be your phone, your tablet, or your computer’s web browser, and the game can only be accessed through the browser when you are connected. Sometimes, you’ll see this referred to as a web-based app.

Many people avoid downloading extra apps onto their phones to save space – this is not going to be an issue when it comes to mobile roulette. Generally speaking, there is no huge difference between web-based roulette games and downloaded roulette apps.

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Finding A Secure Roulette App

The best real money roulette mobile games are always found in mobile casinos– whether it’s web-based or an app download. In fact we would discourage you to play roulette apps that are not from an established casino. While a few computer nerds can make an app with a spinning roulette wheel, only licensed mobile casinos can be trusted to provide the proper security necessary for dealing with real money bets and wins.

Roulette for iOS or Android?

One of the most common questions we get is whether people can play this on their iPhone or tablet. All these roulette games can be played on iOS and Android, sometimes even also on Windows and Blackberry.

The Android casino roulette apps will not be found listed in Google Play – this is because Google has a policy against listing real money games in its app store. So don’t waste anytime looking for the app at Play because you will not find it. Just because the apps are not listed on Play doesn’t mean you should worry – we only list apps and casinos that are fully licensed and reputable, with some being publicly traded companies on the London Stock Exchange.