Apps Review Policy

Gambling App Store is a one-stop shop for all the best sports betting, poker, bingo, and casino apps for both Android and Apple device play.

Our main initiative is two-fold.

Comprehensive Review Portal

For starters, since we see any app reviewed here as an inherent form of recommendation, we make it our business to thoroughly investigate each app we come across.

That means we download each app to our own mobile devices, sign up for an account, and play in real money mode – all in an effort to accurately replicate the real user experience.

The review process we employ is fairly standard and systematic. We check for things like welcome bonus, on-going promotions, user-interface, game variety, game play, customer service, and account financing options.

As you’ll notice for yourself, each review includes a short intro, a download link and instructions, app highlights, a detailed overview, and a list of compatible devices.

Another important thing to point out is, as mentioned above, because we always include a link to download, we have only included reviews of reputable gambling apps, that are from recognised providers, and following our extensive testing, have proven to perform well.

That being said, since we ourselves are not gambling app operators, we cannot be responsible for the final results. That means if you encounter any problems or issues with any given app, we recommend being in touch with the app provider itself.

And whilst our dedicated staff, puts in tremendous effort to keep the information on this site up-to-date, it is possible that a bonus or game offering has changed since the writing of a review.

Free Link to Download

In addition to serving as a free gambling app portal, the Gambling App Store is also a single source for downloading all the best mobile gambling apps.

To do so, simply click the green button at the top of any review page. And if needed, follow the download instructions included on the same page.

Keep in mind, although our name has the word “Store” in it, all gambling apps found here are actually yours to download absolutely free!

And whilst this is predominantly billed as an Android gambling app portal, we also put in special effort to review the corresponding iOS gambling app, when such a thing exists. If not, we will point it out, and add a link to the relevant mobile site, for all interested parties.

Feedback Welcome

We’re always interested in hearing from our readers. If you notice one of our reviews is out-of-date, that a new app is available, or simply want to add some pertinent information to an existing review, please feel free to be in touch.