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Why use a live betting app?  Well, there’s multiple advantages:  Instant access to multiple betting markets, the ability to shop around for and get the best possible price, place and lay bets (trade markets) instantly.  You can also find arbitrage opportunities ensuring a guaranteed profit.

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Why use a live betting app?

The landscape has changed dramatically in recent times. Bookmakers went ‘offshore’ to take bets via telephone accounts and to offer tax-free betting.  That opened the floodgates with the UK government dropping betting tax and allowing shops to stay open for longer hours.

But the introduction of the Internet and online betting produced a seismic shock wave the ramifications of which we are still experiencing now.  It’s not bad news though, quite the opposite.

We have more betting options open to us than ever.  Tax free, 24/7, with fairer betting margins and over-rounds.  What’s more we can ‘cash out’, ‘bet’ and ‘lay’ in play  …and do the whole lot whilst on the more on our mobiles.

Live betting apps are the latest ‘big happening’ in the gambling world and any punter with two braincells to rub together should have them installed on their phone or tablet by the bucket-load.

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What makes these apps the best?

In time the merits of each individual live betting app will become apparent.  Most have great welcome offers which we believe you are obliged to take – there is such a thing as ‘something for nothing’ in the online gaming world – but in the bigger picture there is more to this game than free bet offers and price boosts.

  • Some live betting apps feature long list of sporting events which can be watched live, others do not have such a comprehensive repertoire and some still insist bets must be placed on an event in order to watch it.
  • A good selection of live sports is not the only factor used when considering what makes up the best apps.  The ease of bet placement has to rate highly on the ‘essentials list’.  By the time you have keyed in your username and password, re-entered your password in order to make a cash deposit and then began typing in more numbers and digits to place your bet, you may well have found your selections odds have crumbled like a biscuit.
  • Therein quick and easy log-in, banking and bet placement should be made as simple as possible.  Fingerprint verification, one-click and/or simple 4-digit passcodes are all that is needed by the very best live betting apps.
  • Then, of course, a betting app or online sportsbook which consistently offers great concessions (money-back if finishing second to the favourite for example) and are consistently pricing up events to low margins and therein often displaying the best prices has a strong magnetic appeal.

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But how does all of this work?

How do you bet on live sports on a mobile betting app? It has to be said online sportsbooks have made this process very simple.

Understanding the collation between people betting on mobile apps and their desire to bet on ongoing events, they have all clearly signposted ‘in play’ or ‘live betting’ on the page which welcomes you when opening their app.

A simple tap of the screen afterwards and a clear list of sports which are underway and can be backed in play will be listed.  Football normally tops the list as it is the most popular ‘in play’ betting genre.  Tennis often follows and then cricket, tennis, snooker, NFL, NHL, darts, table tennis, eSports and a host of lesser known sports are listed after that.

Tap on the sporting field that suits you and from that you can choose the game, match or race which interests you.  Once you have landed on the exact event you want to view or bet on, a list of in-play betting markets and prices will be on display.

A good live betting app will also be able to give you stats on the game (the number of yellow cards awarded, corner kicks etc plus the all-important latest score and game time).  Furthermore live pictures will be on display or there will be a simple ‘watch’ icon to take you to the simulcast action.

Live betting tips and strategy

Live ‘in play’ betting is an art form; if you are going to exclusively bet in-play you should not place bets ‘willy-nilly’, justify your bets to yourself before placing them.

Consider what price an outcome should be before looking at the market. In a ‘next team to score’ market for example.  If you think there is a 50% chance that will be the home team, do not still back them when you see the in-play price is 4/6.

But the true beauty of betting in-play is the ability to consolidate bets to ensure a profit or minimise likely losses.  There’s no better feeling than your team going 2-0 up after fifteen minutes only to see them drawing 2-2 at the final whistle.

In-play betting allows you to play you positions and balance your books.  Small saver bets during a game can give you the ultimate freeroll, assure you of the sizeable win if your outright selection wins and present no financial loss if your saver bets prevail – in this case a bet on the draw and opposing team to win placed mid-match.

All-in-all betting in-play can be a lot of fun.  But it also presents some real opportunities.  Imagine being at the parade ring of a horse race meeting witnessing the long odds-on favourite being unruly and sweating profusely.  His odds are certain to drift significantly when stay-at-home punters see the live pictures of his shenanigans but, as a live betting app user, you should be in the perfect position to take full advantage of this runner’s certain price-drift.