How do I download an app to my android?

Downloading an app to your Android smartphone or tablet is a simple process. In order to download from sources other than Google Play – and including the Gambling App Store – you’ll need to adjust your Android settings. Read more

Why can’t I find gambling apps in Google Play?

Google took the decision way back in 2010 that it would not allow any form of Gambling App in there. This is not a big problem because as an Android user you can use more than one source for Apps, such as our App Store, Getjar and places like the Amazon App Store. Read more

What is the difference between an APK App and a web based App?

An APK file is a downloaded file, that when installed is an App. A web based app is a app that is used on a website, it is not downloaded. Most of the sports betting companies, casinos, poker operators and Bingo sites have fully downloadable apps, some just use a web based app. They are both very good to use. Read more

What do I do if I get a “Can’t open file” error message?

If this does happen, just go in to the file manager (see below question) and open the APK file from there. On some never versions of Android, or even after updating your device, you can not always open a file straight away.

I downloaded the App but can’t find it?

Depending on the APK file, most you can use the pull down menu after the App has downloaded and click package installer, if the App does not show, look in the file App (sometimes called My Files or File Explorer) and then download folder, it may download to your phones memory or to your memory card.

How and why do I need to change the settings on my phone?

To change the settings you need to go in to the setting options on your Android phone or tablet, then select security and tick the Allow Unknown Sources Box.
As standard, all Android phones are set to only allow apps to be downloaded from the normal Google Play store. By ticking the Unknown Sources box, you just allow your device to be able to download other or 3rd party apps.

Can I download the files to my PC or Laptop?

You can, however it is very unlikely you will have a programme that will be able to read and open them. An APK file is designed to work on an Android device. If you prefer, you can download the file to your PC and then transfer it to your phone via USB cable. It is probably easier thought to download the file straight to your mobile phone or tablet.

What is an APK file and are they safe?

An APK file is a type of file recognised by an Android device. To put it simply, it is an App file. It stands for application package file and is used to distribute and install application software on to Google’s Android operating system. APK files are safe to use on your device, just make sure you download them from a reliable source. If you are unsure, we always recommend using an anti virus app, the one from AVG is free and an excellent app for keeping your phone and data safe.

Can I register on the App?

Most of the apps require you to have log in details first as you can’t always create an account on the app itself, that is why we give you the mobile site to sign up on first. If you already have an account, you can just download the App straight away.

Can I use more than one App?

You can use as many of the Apps as your phone or tablets storage will allow. The Apps are quite small in size so there is no reason you can’t use several apps. If you use a Sports Betting App, it is useful to use a few apps so you can compare odds etc.