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Blackjack apps are a great way to enjoy the thrill and skill of 21, on the go, and win cash prizes all the while! Check out these winning casinos for the best mobile blackjack games in the UK.

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Best Blackjack Apps

Just like any other game, mobile blackjack games are a part of the overall casino offering. That means once you’ve downloaded the Android casino app, you will have instant access to the casino’s full range of games, which includes table games like blackjack.

And whilst most mobile casino apps focus on mobile slots play, all of the ones we’ve reviewed also include at least one classic blackjack game.

Downloading Android Blackjack Games

If you’re using an Android device (like Samsung, Motorola, LG, HTC or Huawei), simply download any one of the casino apps we’ve reviewed here on the Gambling App Store website – free of charge!

If you’re using an Apple device, like an iPhone or iPad, you’ll have better luck navigating direct to the casino’s mobile site and playing from there – also free of charge, of course!

Playing Games from Your Blackjack App

Once you’ve accessed the casino, simply log in with your username and password (or create a new one if you’ve yet to complete registration). Next, search the navigation tabs for blackjack. You’ll find it either under ‘Table Games’, ‘Card Games’, or it’s own section ‘Blackjack’.

Best android apps

Mobile Blackjack Games

As in land-based and online casino play, the majority of games at any given casino are going to be slots games. That’s simply because they lend themselves to such a wide range of themes, and require no person-power to man.

All casinos, however, will have at least a few blackjack tables – which whilst fewer in number, are often an equally large draw! But keep in mind, when it comes to mobile play, the selection will probably be slightly smaller. That’s in part due to the nature of mobile play. With its small screen format, it’s simply less user-friendly for viewing a detailed game like blackjack.

That being said, all the casino apps we’ve reviewed have put in the effort to create blackjack games that are easy on the eyes, with clear buttons for actions like ‘Hit’ and ‘Hold’, and easy to understand payout screens.

In other words, if you’re looking to play blackjack in-app, you will certainly find numerous games worth your while.

How do I find the right blackjack app?

Finding the right blackjack app for you is more a question of a) finding the right mobile casino for you, and b) making sure it has blackjack games that you enjoy. Most mobile casinos will offer classic blackjack, with other varieties like Multi-hand Blackjack, Blackjack Surrender, Double Attack Blackjack, and Perfect Blackjack available at others.

As we’re always keen to mention, the best way to find the right gaming app for you is to read up on our reviews, and then test out the apps for yourself. And since they’re free, and can easily be deleted when you’re done, research in this realm is actually a great deal!

Are there advantages to mobile blackjack play?

The greatest advantage offered by mobile blackjack is, needless to say, convenience. You can play anywhere you go, at anytime. Sitting at the doctor’s office, during a commercial break, or riding the train on your way to work. There’s always a spot open at the table, and there’s always a chance to win!

Some casinos will also offer mobile-only bonuses, which can be used on blackjack wagering.

Plus, if you crave a little quiet in your blackjack play, you can always take your mobile device to a cosy corner or secluded place, and control your gaming environment from there.

Are blackjack apps legal?

The blackjack apps recommended by Gambling App Store (including those listed above) are all licensed and registered, meaning they are legal in the UK.