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Mobile bingo lets you connect with other bingo players and play this classic game from literally anywhere. And getting started is a piece of cake.

Best Bingo Apps

Why are these the Best Bingo Apps

What’s better than bingo? Mobile bingo of course! Thanks to technology and mobiles and tablets, nothing can now beat checking in for your favourite game from your cosy couch. It’s even good for the environment because you don’t have to drive to the bingo hall anymore!

Now the joking aside, we’ve put together a collection of the best bingo apps out there. To begin with, these come with a lot more extra trimmings. The best mobile bingo sites and bingo apps offer a ridiculous number of promotions. This includes things like raffles with real prezzies like gift baskets, high street vouchers, iPhones and all those gadgets, bonuses so you always get more for every penny you deposit, free games, and so on.

Not only are there great promos, but there are some crazy mobile bingo games too. On top of traditional versions of bingo, mobile bingo has invented some creative versions of bingo that are tons of fun. Games like Progressive Bingo are hot, because they come with much bigger jackpots – sometimes as big as £20,000. Ok, it’s tough to win jackpots that size, but the thrill is amazing and if you get lucky, well then you’re really lucky. There are also newbie rooms if you’re still figuring out the ropes. And if you’re not sure about the online thing, some of these mobile bingo sites and apps offer a no deposit bonus – they give you a small amount of free bingo credit so you can play some games on the house so you can decide if it’s really for you.

Mobile bingo also offers a wider choice when it comes to ticket prices. It can go from just 1p, to £2. Whether you’re just having a casual bingo afternoon, or feeling lucky and adventurous, there’s a game for every budget. Heck, there are even free bingo rooms where you don’t have to spend any money at all, although these are usually limited to specific hours per day and the prizes are quite small – understandably so.

Needless to say, bingo isn’t complete without its social side. These bingo apps and sites have built in chat functions, so you can easily initiate a conversation with your fellow bingo lovers and you’ll find a lively buzzing community out there pretty fast. And when you’re feeling a bit frisky, there are also side games like scratch cards and slots for a bit of variety in your spice.

What’s the difference between a Bingo Site and a Mobile App?

The main difference between a bingo app and a mobile bingo site is that when you play on a site there is nothing to download. You just go to the site from your phone or tablet’s browser, sign up or login and you’re ready to play – this is a good option if you have limited memory left on your device.  If you have played at the bingo site on your computer, you can use the same login information when you decide to play online. Similarly, you can switch the game from mobile to computer as seamlessly.

If you want dedicated access to your favourite game and you know the mobile bingo host is trustworthy, then downloading the bingo app is a good move. There are tons of mobile bingo apps for Android out there, but many of them don’t let you win real money, or don’t have a chat function. You should look for a reputable app that offers bonuses – this is a sign that it’s bingo that has real prizes. Plus, it also means you get extra value for your money. Good bingo apps will have a bingo website, so that you can also switch to playing on your computer with the same account.

Popular Bingo Games

Whether you’re looking for traditional bingo or some of the crazier versions found in online bingo, mobile bingo has them all. Here are some of the most beloved mobile bingo games:

  • 90 Ball Bingo – this is the traditional form of bingo you get at bingo halls. It has 90 balls, and the bingo ticket has 3 rows and 9 columns. To win, you need to cover the numbers of 1 or 2 rows, or the entire ticket.
  • Speed Bingo – 30 balls – this is a bingo version invented online. It’s sort of like normal bingo except there are only 30 balls, and the ticket has a 3 x 3 layout. The game is much, much faster and can be over within half a minute.
  • Diamond – this is a popular bingo pattern because you only need to cover 4 squares to win. Specifically, you need to cover the 4 squares around the centre to form a diamond shape, or the middle squares of the outer lines to form a bigger diamond.
  • 4 Corners – another popular bingo pattern. Here you need to cover (or daub if you want to speak bingo lingo) the four corners of the card to win, hence the name!
  • Progressive Bingo – this is all the rage because of the massive jackpots. There is a limited number of balls drawn, and if no one wins, then the prize moves to the next game, meaning the jackpot just keeps growing. Progressive jackpot is based on the Coverall pattern.
  • Coverall – it’s in the name! Cover all the squares on the card on you win! When you cover all the squares in coverall, it’s also called a ‘blackout’ and you bingo.

Bingo bonuses

We’ve mentioned bonuses before and we’ll mention it again because bonuses will give you that extra boost to play more games. Normally, when you make a deposit and claim a bonus, you will get extra credit that you can use on all sorts of bingo games of your choice. For example, if you deposit £20 and claim a 100% bonus, you will get another £20 worth of credit, giving you a total of £40 to play with. Pretty cool.

Then some bingo sites and apps offer this thing called a no deposit bonus. These tend to be small, usually no more than £10. It’s offered to new players when they sign up, so they can play some games for free to see if they like the site or app before they decide to commit by depositing some cold hard cash.

Beyond straight up bonuses, there are also free bingo game rooms. You might not win much in these rooms, but it’s nice easy-going fun that costs nothing. If you have already deposited real money into your bingo account, you may also get free bingo tickets or free spins for slots, which can lead to juicier prizes.

Bingo Apps