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Gambling App Store is the top resource in the UK for finding the best mobile casino apps. Whilst we cover iOS apps as well, our primary focus is on the Android casino apps market.

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How do I recognize a great app?

How to recognize a great app is a great question. The truth is, there are a lot of great apps out there. And since we love casino apps, we recommend trying more than one.

That’s because whilst one person may prefer game selection, the next person might be a bonus hunter.

That being said, there are two main criteria we can suggest. First and foremost is a professional user review – which is exactly what you’ll find here on this site. In fact, if we’ve reviewed it, you can be rest assured it’s a reputable app, with good performance, decent odds and above board performance. The other suggestion, which somewhat overlaps, is choosing based on brand reputation. Most casino apps are mobile versions of existing online gaming brands. Since those have been around much longer, they’re easier to research. And since they have a name to maintain, they usually have decently performing apps.

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Is the mobile casino app the same as the online casino?

Whilst most online casinos try to maintain the same user experience across all formats, the truth is there are certain games like roulette that are less suited to small screen play. That means many online casinos will have a smaller game offering when it comes to their casino app.

That being said, there is still generally a good variety available, particularly when it comes to slots and jackpot games. Plus, the added convenience of instant on the go play at a touch makes up for it!

How do we review apps?

Since we recommend you follow our recommendations in terms of choosing casino apps, it’s only fair to explain where we’re coming from.

Basically, our review policy is fairly simple and systematic. We download the app to a number of different devices to get a better feel for it, and then work our way through the different functionalities. This includes the download process, registration, first deposit bonus and other promotions, game selection, customer support, and deposit & withdrawal processes to name but a few.

Although not all reviews feature perfect apps, we do conduct a filtering process, and only publish reviews of reputable apps that have passed our tests. That’s because each review contains a ‘Download’ or ‘Play now’ link, which we see as a stamp of approval.

Whilst we are constantly updating the Gambling App Store site, and reviewing our own reviews, it is possible that an app has changed since we’ve had a chance to revisit it. Hence, if you’d like to report a difference of opinion, or turn our attention to an app you’ve noticed on your own, we always welcome your feedback.

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As much as we all use the term, it’s not necessarily clear what an app is. Basically, you may be surprised to learn it’s a self-contained piece of software or program designed in order to fulfil a specific purpose.

A casino app is thus a little program you install on your mobile device in order to access casino games direct from your cell phone or tablet. And an Android casino app is such a program designed specifically to enable access to a certain casino’s offering direct from your Android device.

How can I download Android casino apps?

Each Android casino app reviewed on this site can be downloaded directly from the review page.

For example, if you’re interested in the William Hill Casino app, simply click on the green ‘Play Now!’ button at the top of the page to download the app direct to your phone.

Remember, you’ll need to have opened your security settings in order for the download process to begin. So if you’ve yet to do so, now’s the time to open your phone, browse to ‘Settings’ > click on ‘Security’> and then on ‘Unknown Sources’. From there select ‘Allow’ and ‘OK’.

Now your device is open to download apps from third parties outside the Google Play Store.

Another helpful tip, whilst some casino apps allow for direct signup, many will require you to visit the online casino to set up a user account first. If this is the case, we have always included the relevant URL in the review to help you out.

What’s the difference between a casino app and a mobile casino?

Both native casino apps as well as mobile casino sites are specifically designed for playing on any handheld device – be that smartphone or tablet. That means all the text, graphics, and games themselves have been properly scaled for the small screen format.

The main difference is that a casino app needs to be downloaded to your device, whilst the mobile site can be accessed directly through your web browser, no download required.

Some online casinos will offer both a mobile site as well as an Android app; others will have one or the other. One thing to keep in mind is that a mobile casino will generally work equally well on any operating system, whether it’s iOS or Android you prefer, whilst an app is operating system specific. If well designed, they should both perform equally well in terms of game play and general navigation, though sometimes payment options are more limited in an app. That being said, the app option comes out on top when it comes to convenience, thanks to the easy-to-access icon that appears on your home screen following download.

Are casino apps legal?

All of the casino apps you’ll find on Gambling App Store are 100% legal in the UK.

Which casino app is right for me?

To put it simply, it’s impossible for us to say which mobile casino app suits you best. This is an individual question that only you can answer. What we suggest is browsing the reviews of our hottest casino apps above to get started, and downloading the ones that look interesting.

Since adding a casino app is free, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain, including, if you’re lucky, big cash wins!

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Relevant Devices

Android casino apps work across a wide range of mobile devices that run on the Android platform including those by Samsung, LG, Sony, Motorola, HTC, Google, and more.

Generally, all recent releases will be compatible with the latest casino offerings, as well as those that have come to market in the past few years. To help you out, we always include an up-to-date compatibility list at the end of each casino app review, or simply try the download, and see that it works.

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