About us

At Gambling App Store we’re all about mobile gambling apps. That is, our goal – since establishment in 2013 – is to serve as a comprehensive resource for all the information you desire when it comes to finding the best Android gambling apps on the market.

This includes a complete list of all the casino, poker, bingo and sports betting apps from all the top brands, as well as an overview of each of their features and bonuses.

But since you’re not just after information here, we also include easy, single click links for free download of all the mobile gambling apps reviewed.

Meet the Gambling App Store Team

Since opinions need context, and we certainly don’t recommend taking the advice of complete strangers, without further ado, please meet our highly dedicated, totally stylish, gambling app team.

P.S. If you have any questions, feel free to be in touch!

James Davies
Whilst we don’t fancy ourselves a hierarchy over here, at the end of the day James is the big boss. Thanks to his dedication and uncanny industry knowledge, we’re all the more enlightened as to the wide range of mobile gambling apps, and how to unlock the best features. Plus as a former English Lit major (if you can believe), he’s diligently worked to help us all get a better grip of the language, including (as you can see for yourself) a love of commas.

William Wright
Besides being incredibly good at darts, and an ace on the tennis court, William, a native of Manchester, has mastered many sports over the years. But once mobile betting became available, he was totally smitten. Now, in addition to reviewing mobile sports apps, he is looking for a new hobby that will actually get him out of the house!

Lucy Hall
Lucy has been with Gambling App Store since the beginning, reviewing bingo and casino apps for the site. An avid slots player and lover of live roulette, she’s forever in the process of saving up for a trip to Vegas. Until that happens, she makes her presence felt at the local bingo halls. As old-fashioned as that all sounds, don’t be fooled; Lucy is super tech savvy, and usually the first amongst us to know when a new Android device has been released.

Justin Cooper
A great site needs great programming, which is where Justin comes in. Our local tech guy, he came to us last year straight from uni in Leeds. His enthusiasm helps motivate the team, whilst his know-how fuels the site. In addition to playing little brother around the office, Justin actually volunteers as a Big Brother to local youth in his time off.